About Us

Empirically Awesome Games is the name that I use for my analog game design work. It captures my game design ethos -- make things that are undeniably awesome.

Since it's just one person, it's a bit of a misnomer to call this page 'About Us', but there's always room for growth.

About Me

There's not much to say about me. My name is Jake Peck, and I'm a fan of table top games of all stripes. I have a Computer Science degree, and that kind of thinking tends to spill into most of my creative pursuits -- sometimes I end up writing software to help me with my designs or production. Sometimes my designs are directly inspired by the mechanics of programming, or how computers work. But I have a lot of interests outside of computers.


Feel free to email me at jake (at) empiricallyawesome (dot) com, or send me a geek mail on BoardGameGeek, I'm gatesphere over there.