Kinga is a solitaire game of patience meets deckbuilding, played with a standard deck of cards.


You play the Usurper, trying to bribe and influence your way up the ladder of four royal families. But beware, if your influence wanes you may draw the eye of the Kings, who may figure out your plan and order your execution.

The game is played by creating chains of cards of like rank or suit to generate influence, which allows you to purchase stronger cards into your deck. You may spend some turns thinning your deck by Exiling some less-useful subjects as you become more influential. If you find yourself unable to do either of those two things on a turn, however, you must instead Raise Suspicion of one of the four Kings. If you ever need to Raise Suspicion and find that all four Kings have already raised their suspicion, then you've been caught and executed, and have lost the game.


A standard deck of 52 cards, plus 2 Jokers.

Design Goals

Kinga was the result of trying to design a solo deckbuilder with a standard deck of cards. I wanted to create a design that could have theoretically been played by courtly individuals in the past (i.e., nothing too 'modern'), but yet still had some intresting modern flourishes. In the end, I decided that combining patience games with deckbuilding was the way forward. The Jokers, 'Harmony', 'Three's Company', and 'Fives, Eights, Tens' rules are all homages to the odd little flourishes that several traditional card games have.

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This game is played with just a deck of cards, so if you have that, you're all set!

Support Documents

The rules are freely available here, and on BoardGameGeek.

Rules PDF: Download